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The Golden Age of Discovery in the Pacific. 179194: La Recherche and L'Espérance edit An expedition to find the two vessels commanded by Jean-François de La Pérouse (17411788) and of which there was no news after they left Port Jackson heading for southern Tasmania and southern Australia. Doctor Garnot had a severe attack of dysentery and was sent back on the Castle Forbes with some of the specimens collected in South America and the Pacific. Novara departed Trieste in April 1857, passing the Cape of Good Hope to reach the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. In poor shape the two ships headed for Talcahuano in Chile. Samuel Wallis studied the customs of the Polynesians, reaching the Dutch East Indies at Batavia, returning to London in May 1768. 23738 Oscar Chapuis, A History of Vietnam: From Hong Bang to Tu Duc. 320 a b Rice 2010,. .

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Le plus beau sexe sexe groupe In Jamaica Sloane collected numerous specimens which were carefully described and illustrated in a published account of his stay. 177374: HMS Racehorse and HMS Carcass edit Racehorse and Carcass enclosed by ice Lat. L'année de naissance de Leif Erikson est le plus souvent située vers 970 ou 980.
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A et b (en) «Vinland History», (consulté le ) a b et c Somerville et McDonald 2010,. 1860: HMS Bulldog edit An oceanographic survey in Bulldog for the laying of a submarine telegraph cable in the North Atlantic. Isbn Zanco, Jean-Philippe (2008). Hinds (editor "The Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Sulphur" (two volumes, 18431844).

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