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209 210 Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. Title 25 Libraries, museums, and other scientific See RS 25:671 to RS 25:674 Louisiana Revised Statutes. Institute for Research in Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania New Progress in Human Rights in the Tibet Autonomous Region Archived at the Wayback Machine State Council Information Office 1998 Language policy/ Special Focus for 2005: China's Minorities and Government Implementation of the Regional. "Belgium's new linguistic challenges" (PDF). Archived from the original on Retrieved "Special Focus Cases: Leyla Zana, Prisoner of Conscience".

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205 In 2016, an additional law has been adopted, providing for the use of Venetian in schools, public institutions and toponymical signs. In Hong Kong, English and Chinese are official languages. Libya : Arabic (official) Tamazight, Tamahaq Italian English.

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Meilleure site de rencontre gratuit sex adulte gratuite The national language is English and Urdu; English was to replaced by Urdu however this has not occurred despite many attempts in the past to. Municipalities are bilingual if triana inglesias nude erotikk på nett the Swedish or Finnish minority is at least. In addition, French is spoken by a small minority of people and elders as it used to be the most common second language. Some Indian reservations in the US have begun to use indigenous languages of their tribal nations, but the official language of all the reservations is English.
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172 Germany is home to large numbers of people from other regions, and some of their languages, such as Turkish, Russian, and Polish, are widely used throughout the country. 43 Côte d'Ivoire : French (official) Baule, Jula, and 60 other indigenous languages. Languages of ethnic groups are official in their territories. Use of several languages in electoral process under certain circumstances is provided for by federal law, including Spanish in the whole states of Florida, California and Texas. Southeastern Europe edit Albania has one official language, Albanian.

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179 Many specify Estonians can speak Russian, but many specify Russians are not fluent in Estonian including those who are Estonian citizens, 180 however fluency varies considerably between age groups. 143 Several Republics of Russia make locally official the language of the main people(s) of those Republics: Buryatia Russian and Buryat are official languages 144 Altai Republic Russian and Altay are official languages 145 Tuva Russian and Tyvan are official languages 146 Khakassia Russian and. Malay is the national language. Australian Aboriginal languages, of which there are approximately 290-363, have recognition though only a few are popularly spoken by Australian Indigenous people, including: Wiradjuri, Pitjantjatjara, Kalaw Lagaw Ya, Ngaanyatjarra, Warlpiri and Australian Kriol. 3; Article XII, Sec. Thailand : Thai is the main and sole sex porno xxx norsk webcam sex official language in Thailand. Influx of Greeks in the country due to the Euro Crisis is elevating the status of Greek in the country. In Israel, Hebrew has the official status of the state's language and Arabic - a special status with protection of its pre-2018 functions 166 (see Languages of Israel ). These languages have the status of 'official language' only in specified language areas as defined by the constitution. Guinea-Bissau : Portuguese (official) Kriol indigenous languages.

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