Libertin 83

libertin 83

The boundary between spooks like these and the wayob of the Classic period is not always entirely clear. On the royal stelae that is, at five- tun or k'atun celebrations the king wears the heads of important deities and forces of nature for a headdress or a mask, while carrying a sceptre in the form of the lightning deity. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman 1970. Turning to the 'ceramic codex one finds that animal persons are often clothed and acting like persons at court. 87 In the same area, dwarfs, and also hunchbacks, are associated with antediluvial times; they perished in the flood when their stone boats sank. New York: Simon and Schuster. Through annually shifting procession routes, the calendrical model of the four 'Year Bearers' (New Year days) was projected onto the four quarters of the town. Eduard Seler, Die Tierbilder der mexikanischen und der Maya-Handschriften. Unlike the gods of disease and death, spooks (apparitions) and demons have no such legitimacy. 16 Aside from calendrical learning, however, priests had multiple tasks, running from performing life crisis rituals to managing the monthly feast cycle, and held special offices, such as that of oracle ( chilan astrologer, and sacrificer of human beings ( nacom ).

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