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49 Cougars may live as long as 20 years in captivity. Coyotes also typically bite the throat but the work of a cougar is generally clean, while bites inflicted by coyotes and dogs leave ragged edges. Moreno ; Moreno afterwards showed the scars to Theodore Roosevelt. Concolor ) Linnaeus, 1771: includes the previous subspecies and synonyms bangsi, incarum, osgoodi, soasoaranna, sussuarana, soderstromii, suçuaçuara, and wavula Southern South American cougar (. University of Chicago Press. Jackson's Diary of 18581859". Ross,.; Jalkotzy,.

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Journal of Forensic Sciences. Archived from the original on October 15, 2007. Hornocker, Maurice; Negri, Sharon; Lindzey, Fred, eds. A b c "Mountain Lion, Puma concolor ". The coat is typically tawny like that of the lion, which is why it was initially called the "mountain lion 49 but it otherwise ranges from silvery-grey or reddish with lighter patches on the underbody, including the jaws, chin, and throat. cougar mature

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cougar mature California Department of Fish and Game. Fatal attacks on femme mure ronde nue neuhausen am rheinfall humans are rare, but have recently been increasing in North America as more people enter cougar territories. Archived from the original on November 2, 2013. 23 Contents Naming and etymology.
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Retrieved June 5, 2007. Chronic stress can result in low reproductive rates when in captivity as well as in the field. Further reading Baron, David (2004).

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